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Which Mulch Is Best in Your Garden?

Date Posted: July 1, 2019

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Mulching is important for several reasons. One of the most vital reasons is to conserve water.

Using mulch can reduce watering by around 60 per cent as it keeps soil moister. Several kinds of mulch add nutrients to the soil and can even enhance the structure of the soil.

Soil can be kept warm during the colder months with the use of mulch. Mulching can keep weeds from growing which helps save time in gardening.

Choosing your mulch on the Central Coast is easy.

Great mulches

Sugar cane mulch and barley straw is not as expensive as some other mulches and is sold in bales. They are both mulches on the Central Coast that are easily available in Australia.

They are especially beneficial for vegetable gardens and places where the soil needs to be improved. Both break down swiftly. They need to be topped up on a regular basis.

Pea or Lucerne straw is a great solution for soil that lacks nutrients and for rose and vegetable gardens. They break down swiftly and need regular top-ups. This can be difficult as it is fairly expensive. It is usually sold in bales or bags.

Gravels and pebbles last longer than other mulches. They do not improve soil structure but they are excellent for decreasing soil evaporation. As pebbles and gravel store heat throughout the day and then release this heat throughout the night they can be very beneficial when surrounding plants that are sensitive to frost.

One of the most affordable types of mulches is forest mulch. It’s used the same way as our next great mulch option which is woodchips and bark. Woodchips and bark usually last a long time.

If your soil does not need to be improved immediately these two are a good choice, especially surrounding established plants such as trees and shrubs. Keep in mind that some of the woodchips and bark can trigger a deficiency of nitrogen in the soil. This will present as yellowed plant leaves.

If your plants start to yellow, then add a bit of nitrogen to your soil after you apply woody mulches. This can be done by putting bone and blood in the soil.

One of the most fantastic mulches is compost. It has excellent evaporation control which keeps the soil moist. Compost also adds humus to the soil. While it is one of the best mulches, it costs a lot to buy in large amounts and is harder to find in bigger quantities than other types of mulch.

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