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Arch Bars

Arch Bars

Arch Bars are used to support structures such as windows, doors and other openings. Arch Bars are often constructed from steel. We offer a variety of Arch Bars:

  • Flat Bar 800x85x8mm, Flat Bar 900x85x8mm, Flat Bar 1000x85x8mm, Flat Bar 1100x85x8mm, Flat Bar 1200x85x8mm
  • Arch Bar 1200x100x100x6mm, Arch Bar 1500x100x100x6mm, Arch Bar 1800x100x100x6mm, Arch Bar 2100x100x100x6mm
  • Arch Bar 2400x150x100x6mm, Arch Bar 2700x150x100x6mm, Arch Bar 3000x150x100x6mm, Arch Bar 3300x150x100x6mm
  • Arch Bar 3600x150x100x6mm, Arch Bar 4000x150x100x6mm, T Bars 2700 to 5700 Per Lineal Mtr

Our quality hardware products can be used for a specific purpose or can be used with each other for maximum performance. If you are interested in our Arch Bars in the Central Coast region, get in touch today and see how we can help.

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